Digital Biometric Consent Verification – An Ultimate Way To Combat Fraud


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The rise in crime ratio in financial institutions has been alarming. As technology has been advancing, businesses also adopt advanced techniques and drop out of the traditional ones. According to Shufti pro funding and research, technological improvement mitigates the business processes. 

Biometric security is an advanced form of KYC. The identity of clients is verified by their physical characteristics. According to Shufti Pro news, Biometric recognition usually converts the information into digital form and then proceeds it further using complicated methods that are AI-based and machine learning. Then the already available information is compared with data that authenticates the biometrics of passports and other documents’ validity. 

The Working Of Biometric Recognition 

The biometric verification system generates such accurate results because it’s an advanced level of technology with layered levels of security. Biometric screening provides enhanced levels of security whether it’s on a personal or a corporate level. It’s an identity verification system that recognizes the biological traits of a person. It identifies facial recognition, iris, and earlobe, fingerprints scans are one of the unique identifiers of a biometric recognition system. The process starts with already available stored databases in the system. Biometric identity verification is AI-based and categorized into three more types:

  • Biological BioMetrics 

        It verifies the identity of an individual based on his biological characteristics like on the genetic basis. 

  • Behavioral Biometrics 

     It identifies and verifies an individual based on their behavior meaning the way they walk, talk, or perform things. 

  • Morphological Biometrics 

    It involves biometric identity verification including body traits and structures to validate the identity of a user. Moreover, it identifies the characteristics like retina/eye, facial recognition, or fingerprint scanning for safety and security measures. 

A detailed analysis of a person’s behavior and traits makes the whole process of biometric identification unique from the rest. Previously, criminals could easily breach the sensitive data and break access to security measures making people suffer from the consequences. In the business sector, there is a dire need for biometric verification systems. 

The Aim Of Biometric Recognition 

Biometric user authentication involves both validation and identification of a person’s biometric details that are already stored in the database and compared to the identity. Biometric identity has some aims for the safety of different companies that are:

  • Ways To Identify Client Identities

 The biometric authentication system requires clients to move with the thorough procedure of identifying and validating their traits stored in the database. Biometric IDs prevent fraudsters from impersonating their identities and frauding businesses. 

  • Deduplication Of Records

The biometric security systems ensure that users go through a unique process of duplicate biometric checks to capture every single detail stored in the database. This is to make sure that duplication of any data doesn’t exist. 

Benefits Of Biometric Recognition System 

In this technologically advanced era, the Biometric ID card offers many advantages listed below:

  • Biometric Security 

A Biometric system provides enhanced security to verify a person’s traits and behaviors that vary from individual to individual. This system makes sure that companies are not in danger. The conventional methods use PINs and passwords for the identification of user IDs and most of the time their IDs were stolen by fraudsters. With a biometric improved level of security, this problem has been resolved because it provides the latest scanning purposes for verification. 

  • Fast And User-Friendly 

The digital onboarding biometric system is complicated internally but its interface is quite user-friendly and fast. The users are ahead of the game because they just have to scan their faces or fingerprints now to unlock the device within milliseconds. There is no need for long boring passwords and the system verifies everything on its own. 

  • Free Of Spoofing 

Biological traits like fingerprints, face recognition, and retina scanning is nearly impossible to duplicate even using advanced technology. Research says that there might be one in a billion people whose fingerprint match one person but besides that it’s impossible. A Biometric system prevents spoofing attacks. 

Summing It Up 

Biometric screening is very popular these days. It plays an important role to prevent illegal activities like identity theft etc. Fraudsters adopt creative ways to conn other people since they exploit the security and safety system of companies. 

As the companies were facing challenges, the biometric systems came to the rescue. The enhanced security systems mitigate the dangers that are linked with the biometric systems so that companies can save their reputation and they don’t have to pay hefty fines due to adverse consequences. 


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