Having Trouble with Google Drive on a Mac


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Google Workspace’s tools are very popular and widely used. These tools are usually very reliable. However, what happens when Google Drive stops working on your Mac one day? Everything you need to know is available here. You’ll find instructions in this article on how to fix Google Drive or Google File Stream on your Mac. Keep reading to learn how!

Is Google File Stream compatible with Google Drive?

The Google File Stream application was an enterprise version of Backup and Sync, a desktop application that allowed you to access your files on Google Drive. Google has rebranded File Stream, Backup, and Sync (part of Google Workspace) to Google Drive for Desktop (as of late 2021).

A Google Drive account can be used to store files online. All your data is stored in one place and can be accessed across Google services, including Docs and Gmail.

Why does Google Drive not work on the Mac?

There are several possible reasons why that happens. One is you might not have a working Wi-Fi network or broadband connection. Or perhaps your anti-malware software is blocking Google Drive for some reason. More complex issues may occur when there is incompatibility with other software, the OS blocks Google Drive, or when there are problems on Google’s end.

You’ll receive these indicators when Google Drive doesn’t work:

  • When you try to log in, you get an authorization error
  • The login screen continually refreshes
  • There is no sync between Google Drive and Google File Stream (Google File Stream does not work)
  • You receive an error message stating that syncing is not enabled for your account

Steps to take when Google Drive won’t open on Mac

In case Google Drive isn’t working on your Mac, you can try these two options:

  • Reset the Google Drive
  • Or, Uninstall the Google Drive

You can perform both of those tasks using a program called Mac Optimizer Pro. It allows you to uninstall any software, removing all related files. In this way, every trace of the app is permanently deleted from your Mac. Additionally, you can use this best Mac optimizer‘s Uninstaller option to restore the app to its original state.

Here are the steps to reset or uninstall Google Drive with this tool:

  1. Launch Mac Optimizer Pro
  2. Go to Uninstaller Tab
  3. Search for Google Drive using the search box
  4. Next, by clicking on Google Drive’s name, you’ll see a dropdown menu. Click the option to uninstall (or reset) the app
  5. After that, from the bottom of the window, click the Uninstall or Reset button

After you uninstall Google Drive, you can download it again in your Google account in a web browser.

How to fix a Google Drive connection issue

The connectivity issue can be easily solved by yourself, and I’ll show you how to do it manually in the following paragraphs. Using that, you’ll be able to resolve the connection issue within a few minutes. The solutions are as follows.

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi and broadband are working

When it comes to solving problems, often the simplest solution is the best, and if it isn’t, trying to eliminate it hasn’t been too productive. Well, worth a shot, surely? Check out the instructions below

  • Connect your Mac to the right Wi-Fi network by clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar. Try connecting to multiple websites or services at the same time.
  • If you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network but still cannot connect to any other online services, make sure that your router is correctly connected. If that isn’t the case, try restarting it
  • And, after doing all this, if you still have the connectivity problem. Then, in that case contact your broadband provider
  1. Verify your browser and Mac  

When you have eliminated your Wi-Fi connection and broadband connection as causes, it’s time to look at your Mac. Use a web browser to access Google services. But, first check, are you able to log in and access them? Ensure that your Mac has the latest software updates (Apple menu > About this Mac > Software Update). Install them if necessary.

To check your Mac’s security settings, go to:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Choose the Security and Privacy tab
  • Then click General. Ensure that ‘App Store and identified developers’ are checked in ‘Allow apps to be downloaded from’. If it is not already locked, click the padlock and enter your admin password
  • Start the Google Drive app. Is there an error message? If do, then click Allow in System Preferences
  1. Disconnect and reconnect from Google Drive

Connecting your account back to your computer after disconnecting and reconnecting may be the solution to a problem, the equivalent of turning it off and then turning it back on. Let’s see how:

  • Click on the Google Drive icon in your Applications folder
  • Go to the Google Drive icon in the menu bar and select the cog settings icon
  • Then, choose Preferences and click on the settings cog in the Preferences window to disconnect your account. Finally, confirm disconnect by clicking again.
  • Click ‘Sign in through your browser’ and sign in with your Google account information when the browser window opens.
  1. Disable your screen sharing

Some reports say that Google File Stream can be interfered with when using Mac screen sharing. Switching it off will allow you to determine if it is the actual source of the problem. Follow the steps below to switch-off the screen

  • Select the System Preferences option from the Apple menu
  • Choose the Sharing pane
  • Disable Screen Sharing by un-ticking the box
  • Close the System Preferences window

If Google Drive or File Stream won’t open on your Mac, there may be several reasons, from incompatibilities with your Mac’s software to problems with your internet connection. To eliminate causes and fix issues with Google Drive, make use of the hacks I outlined for you in this article.


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