How to Brostrend AC1200 Reset


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How to Prepare? 30 seconds of reset button pressing. Switch on the router, hold for 30 seconds, then disconnect it. Use the router’s default IP address, brostrend wifi extender login, username, and password to log in once it has been reset.

The 30-30-30 rule is used in this article to describe how to factory reset your brostrend ac1200 setup. You may either power cycle your router while keeping the settings in place, or you can reset it to its factory default settings. On the front panel or the back panel of these phones, respectively, we could find the WPS/RESET button. The WPS LED will flash if you press the button for less than thirty seconds to utilise the WPS feature; if you want to reset the router, press the button for at least thirty seconds.

How to Reset a Router to 30-30-30

Although the process for each router may vary, in general, the rule for a factory reset is referred to as a 30-30-30 reset: After pressing the reset button for 30 seconds, disconnect the router for the next 30 seconds, then plug it back in while keeping the reset button pushed.

Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds with the router turned on and hooked in. This button is often a small dot set into the router’s back. To reach it, you might need a jeweler’s screwdriver or a bent paperclip.

Continue to hold down the button while unplugging the router for an additional 30 seconds. Turn the power back on and continue to keep the reset button down for another 30 seconds.

Your router is reset to its factory default settings once this 90-second procedure is finished. It’s possible that your router doesn’t need to follow the whole 30-30-30 process. Although certain routers can be hard reset after just 10 seconds without power cycling, the router won’t be harmed by the 30-30-30 strategy. It is advised to memorize and adhere to the 30-30-30 rule as a general rule.

Use the default IP address of, brostrendwifi extender login username, and password that were initially specified with the router to log in once it has been reset. The default information for your router, if it is a Brostrend, may be found on their websites or in the router’s accompanying paperwork.

Choose Rebooting a router versus resetting it

A router may be reset or rebooted using two alternative techniques. You should attempt the reboot first because it’s a much easier process than the reset. The router may still be reset using the 30-30-30 method if restarting doesn’t fix the issue.

Rebooting a router stops all operations while keeping all of its configurations in place. Similar to how restarting your computer turns it back on after being turned off, without doing the 30-30-30 reset method, routers can be restarted by turning off the power or using the console’s options.

A router reset restarts the router, modifies its settings from, and purges any previously applied custom configurations. This means that when the programmer is reset to its default settings, all of your custom DNS servers, brostrend extender setup, wireless network settings, and port-forwarding configurations are deleted.

Despite the fact that it might seem straightforward, many individuals don’t consider a router reboot as a solution to home networking issues. In the following circumstances, restarting your router is beneficial:

  • When the administrator console’s IP address is not responding ( or equivalent).
  • whenever customers abruptly lose connection to it (especially Wi-Fi clients).
  • following a brownout or power loss at your residence.
  • when it’s been a month or longer since the router was reset.
  • to clear the router’s DNS cache.

Web Interface of the Router

Then navigate to Advanced-> System Tools-> Backup & Restore->Factory Default Restore page, click on the Factory Restore button, and wait for the router to reboot using its factory default settings. You can refer to How do I log into the web-based Utility (Management Page) of brostrend wireless router? for more information.

Is It Possible to Reboot or Reset a Router Too Frequently?

A home network can ultimately malfunction if its power is cycled too frequently fluctuates, just like PCs, phones, and other devices. Although you may reboot or reset contemporary routers hundreds of times without experiencing any issues. If you are worried about your router’s performance after a lot of power cycling, check the manufacturer’s specifications for reliability ratings.

It will return to factory default settings after a hard reset. You should start over when configuring the device, or you may restore the configuration file that you have previously backed up before the reset.

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