How to Stop Snoring: Causes and Anti Snoring Remedies


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Snoring is one of the most common problems faced by a large proportion of the human population. Although the snorer is not aware of his snoring, it can be a big problem for people sleeping with them. The snorer could also face a disturbed sleep due to his snoring, which could lead to many other problems.

Snoring is defined as the hoarse sound that occurs when air flows past tissues in the throat. When the air passes through the relaxed tissues, it starts to vibrate, causing the snoring sound. It could be a chronic or a short-term problem depending on the person’s body and lifestyle. It is an extremely common problem that almost everyone faces at least once in their lifetime. This article gives readers an insight into the common causes of snoring and Anti Snoring Remedies for the problem. 

Snoring Causes

The causes of snoring vary from person to person. The different body types of each person can result in different kinds of snoring. It could be a one-time thing or a chronic problem. Let us look at the causes of snoring observed in a majority of people:

– Anatomy of mouth and sinuses: The structure of the mouth or sinuses of different people could lead to snoring. If their tissues fall back to their throat or tend to relax more the air passing through these tissues, it could lead to snoring.

– Allergies: In some cases, allergies have also been the main cause of snoring. Few people tend to snore only in environments where they are allergic.

– Alcohol consumption: Consuming alcohol before sleeping could lead to snoring. It causes the throat tissues to relax more than they do normally, which in turn leads to snoring. 

Overweight: Being overweight could also be a cause of snoring. If you never used to snore before but you do now, and you have put on a few pounds, chances are it is not a coincidence. 

These are some of the main causes of snoring that doctors and scientists have diagnosed so far. It is not a serious disease in almost every case, but there are rare instances where it is associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If you are unable to sleep because of your snoring or if you are having difficulty breathing, you must consult a doctor and get yourself tested for OSA.

Snoring Remedies

Snoring can be easily cured by implementing a few anti snoring remedies. With a few lifestyle changes and an anti snoring spray, you can easily get rid of your snoring problems. Here are a few easy anti-snoring remedies:

  • Sleep on Your Side:

Sleeping on your side could reduce snoring. If you are someone who is dealing with snoring, you are probably not sleeping in the right position. Lying on your back could cause your throat tissues to fall back, which causes them to relax and vibrate. Lying on your side could help prevent this problem.

  • Monitor Your Weight

Reducing your weight could immediately reflect on your snoring. If you never used to snore before and you do now, it could be due to some extra pounds. Reducing your weight could help with snoring.

  • Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated can help reduce snoring significantly. Hydrating yourself and maintaining a healthy sleep pattern could prevent the problem. When you are dehydrated, the mucus and secretions in your nose tend to get dried up and stickier. This obstructs the nasal passage leading to snoring.

  • Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Any form of alcohol consumption four to five hours before bed can cause snoring. Hence, watching your alcohol consumption before bedtime could help prevent the problem. People who haven’t snored before can snore after consuming alcohol.

  • Use Anti-Snoring Sprays

Few anti-snoring sprays have been proven effective in reducing snoring. They clear your nasal passage and allow a smooth passage of air. These sprays prevent air from touching your throat tissues by allowing smooth passage of air through your nasal passage.

Following these remedies and incorporating them into your life could help you reduce or even completely eradicate snoring from your life. Snoring is a very common and equally easy problem to deal with. If the problem persists despite these remedies, consult a doctor for further treatment.


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