Reasons Celebrities Are Passionate about Wearing Panama Hats Even Today


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Genuine Panama hats originated in Ecuador and are a big hit with Hollywood stars and celebrities in 2022 because of their timeless charm. Many stars have worn Panama hats to make a fashion statement. According to Wikipedia, a Panama hat is often called a Toquilla straw hat or an Ecuadorian hat. It is a conventional wide-brimmed straw hat from Ecuador. A Panama hat is light-weight, light-colored, breathable, and often teamed with light-weight summer suits made from silk or linen. The finesse and tightness of the weave with the total amount of time devoted to making a complete hat from Toquilla straw all these factors, characterize the quality of a Panama hat.

Today Panama hats are a popular fashion accessory for many famous personalities and Hollywood style icons. These hats are constantly doing the rounds in movies, press, and media and embraced by global leaders, royals, musicians, fashion bloggers, and film celebrities. Original Panama hats are perfect symbols of luxury, elegance, and ultimate sophistication. These straw hats rose to heights of fame and glory globally when in 1906 Theodore Roosevelt visited the Panama Canal sporting these classic hats.

Early Films That Popularized & Elevated the Style

In 1939, the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ was released. Clark Gable, the legendary actor sported a Panama hat in this movie. In 1943, Casablanca hit the theaters. Sydney Greenstreet and Paul Henreid, his Casablanca co-star flaunted this classic and evergreen hat style. In 1953, Eleanor Parker and Charles Heston sported these stunning hats in the film “The Naked Jungle”. As the Hollywood film industry evolved with time, Panama Hats never lost their relevance. Many actors flaunted this hat style in the film, “Legend of Bagger Vance”. The famous Anthony Hopkins flaunted this classic Panama hat style that helped add a chic and cool element to his mad man personality and character in the film. The hats were quite a contrast to his evil profile in the film.

Sean Connery

A style icon and one of the brightest stars to emerge out of Britain, Connery always carried himself with poise and grace. He continues to be a role model for the modern man who wishes to look sharp and also suave all the time. Hats were a staple of his wardrobe, and no one could quite do relaxed style as well as the former Bond actor.


Madonna’s collection of Panama hats is incredible, and she is not afraid to dip into them whenever she makes a public appearance. Over the years, she has flaunted several incredible looks- fresh subversive styles that push at the boundaries of convention, and also combined them with a variety of iconic hats. Style cues from her are a must-take for anyone looking to radiate her brand of edgy elegance.

Emma Watson

A critically acclaimed actress, activist, and public figure, Emma Watson always looks wonderfully put together. She has rocked Panama hats with pants or even dresses, leaving no doubt that a hat is an effective accessory if you can use it well.However, her brand of style is much more sober and elegant, and adding a hat not only adds a side of fun to an otherwise muted outfit but also can greatly improve comfort and also looks great in photographs!

Reasons to Wear Panama Hats Even in 2022

Classic and incredibly stylish Panama hats look perfect in practically all settings. You may even opt for a felt Panama hat. Usually felt Panama hats from top brands often come with a water-repellent finish. Hence, these hats could be worn in light snowy or rainy weather. They are often accompanied by quick-drying leather sweatbands that are breathable and allow you to stay cool and comfortable even on hot days. Top brands provide hats made of 100 percent fur felt. Felt hat is lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and incredibly versatile.

Ultimate Sun Protection & Comfort

As the mercury soars, the direct rays of the sun may damage your skin and cause discomfort. If your hat is tightly-woven with a wide brim, it will allow maximum sun protection. It will act as a protective shield against the hazardous ultraviolet rays of the sun. The quintessential shape of a Panama hat is best for protecting the eyes, face, neck, and head from the direct rays of the scorching sun. Panama hats provide ultimate comfort as they are breathable and lightweight. The air circulates seamlessly to keep you cool and comfortable.

A Hand-Woven Hat

Panama hats are usually hand-woven and created with a lot of care from beginning to end. Initially, entire families were involve in weaving and making hats. However, these hats are manufactured in millineries. The current Panama hats have not lost their charm as most of them are handmade.


One of the fantastic features of Panama hats is their excellent fabric. It is soft and also smooth to touch. However, the fabric is not delicate. Your hats will last a lifetime without any hassles.


Always keep in mind that it is crucial to carry yourself with poise and confidence. Try out and experiment with different hat styles to know what suits you best.

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