The Know-how of Wearing a Formal Suit to look Great


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What according to you is a good suit for men? Of course a Raymond man.

But if you are someone for whom wearing a suit and looking amazing is a challenge, we will help you.

You obviously don’t want to look like your dad’s hand-me-down suit. We are sure you want to look sensational and professional at the same time. So, don’t settle for anything else. The first thing you need to do is to purchase a ‘Raymond suit’. Trust us, it is a lifetime investment. You are going to thank us later.

Like a woman’s black dress is a synonym for style, so is a men’s suit. We’ll give you tricks, tools, and rules that will turn the Raymond suit into extraordinary.

Fitted jacket

Fit is everything. It is the basic building block of a great suit. If you are not doing it right from the beginning, you will mess up everything. The rightly fitted jacket gives you a full range of motion regardless of whether they are buttoned or unbuttoned.

If you have short height, stick to single breasted. But if you are on a leaner and taller side, you are going for double-breasted. For the ones carrying extra weight around their middle, a jacket with a lower button will elongate your silhouette.

Experiment with suit colors

Gone are the days when men wore staple colors. Colors have to be timeless. You can go for a grey, mustard or green suit. Experiment with check pattern suits or brighter shades. When it comes to colors, less is more. Your suit color says a lot about you.

Trouser length matters

Having the right length of trousers is a must. The top of the trouser should sit near your waist, not your hips. One finger should fit in there but not more than that. And down make sure your ankle is completely covered and hems should brush the top of the heel.

The Raymond trouser has to be well ironed and ensure it drapes properly while maintaining its shape. No excess fabric should pool around the ankles. You can also choose shorter Raymond trousers for a modern look. It shows off your shoes and a sliver of socks.

Sleeve and cuff length

You can show approximately 1.5cm or half-inch of shirt cuff. But make sure that your cuffs don’t slide up when you stretch your arms. For a button-cuff shirt, your sleeves should touch your wrist. In the case of a French-cuff shirt, the cuff should break a little down. Always remove the label on the sleeve of your jacket before wearing a new Raymond suit.

Button Etiquette

These are simple protocols that you must follow. But still many make a lot of mistakes.

  • Always unfasten your jacket button when you sit.
  • Always ensure your cuff buttons are fastened.
  • Button up your shirt.
  • If you are wearing a two-button Raymond jacket, you can button the top button. For a three-button jacket, leave the bottom button undone and fasten the middle.

For a double-breasted route, keep the top and inside buttons fastened always but undone at the bottom.

The Tie mantra

A small shirt color has to be visible. The shape and size of the color are important. It should complement your face. The knot of your tie should fill the space completely. So, wider knots are recommended.

Asymmetrical knots look more causal than symmetrical ones. If you are planning not to wear a tie, keep the color on the smaller side.

Shoe and matching belt

One of the most tried-and-tested techniques is matching shoe and belts. Wearing a black belt is common but the trend is for a brown belt, especially with khaki suits or grey Raymond suits. The buckles can match any accessory (maybe your watch).

Make sure anything you wear is properly ironed. An unironed suit will ruin all your style.

Wear a watch

Watch is a personal choice but wearing it gives you a classy look. The aesthetic, functional, rugged sports model goes with any type of Raymond suit. But make sure the watch you wear is comfortable and fits your wrist well.


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