What Are the Best Ways for Promoting a Commercial Cleaning Business?


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Commercial Cleaning is nowadays one of the most popular businesses that are successfully fulfilling the necessity of promoting hygiene and cleanliness everywhere, whether it is a home or an office. The importance of a commercial cleaning business can be figured out by the fact that everyone wants to make his/her surroundings presentable as much as possible. It has been found that cleanliness not only promotes hygiene and productivity but also improves the reputation of an organization in terms of presentability. In short, cleanliness ensures the safety of both staff and clients at the workplace. This is the reason why cleaning services are in huge need. 

So if you are looking to promote your own commercial cleaning business, then it is a great opportunity. Though the competition is higher everywhere, proper planning and execution of the best strategy can help you to gain an upper hand against your competitors and eventually succeed. Therefore, the following are some of the best methods that can help you out for sure.

First of all, as a universal step taken by all businesses, you need to find out who exactly is your target audience and in which area, the majority of them reside. This will help you to make a much better marketing strategy. You would be able to reach out to your target audience and convey your message in a much more effective, personalized, and relevant manner. The best way to find out your target market is to find out successful companies in your niche and analyze the kind of measures they take. 

Having a properly designed and working website is a plus point. The website is the first place that visitors encounter while searching about your business on Google. In order to catch the public attention, you need to make sure that not only your website’s appearance is visually appealing but also it should be in the best working performance such as higher page load speed, lighter website, good structure, and mobile-friendly, etc.

Social Media is one of the most powerful platforms that will contribute to helping you achieve the desired business goals. The number of social media users from all over the world is increasing with the passage of time. You can create a business profile page for your cleaning business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With help of positive reviews and paid advertisements, your potential customers will easily access your profile page.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective and best tools that help you to reach out to your potential customers within a lesser amount of time. A lot of people open up their emails on daily basis. Potential users usually subscribe to the website of a company they’re highly interested in. What you can do is use the subscriber data (contact information of those visitors who subscribed to your website) and send your target audience welcome emails, personalized emails, newsletters, etc in which you can provide them with fresh content, and updates relevant to your time to time. This way they will feel more engaged, and familiar and eventually begin to put their trust in your business. Email Marketing is known for getting you a higher Return on Investment (ROI). While promoting your business through email marketing, the following are the necessary things to keep in mind for proceeding:


  • You can email both sales and educational-oriented content but your main focus should be on educating and informing your target audience.
  • The subject line of your email should be interesting and attractive enough to catch the receiver’s attention and enable him/her to open up.
  • Branding your emails is the best strategy. You can include an email signature containing the logo and contact information of your company. Having links to your website and social media pages in email signatures will encourage readers to learn more about you.

Press Release Distribution: The Best Marketing Tool for Commercial Cleaning Business


Though, there are many tools out there for promoting a commercial cleaning business but sending out press releases is the best among all. Press Release Distribution is the most effective digital marketing tool that can help you spread your message across your target audience. It is all about preparing a piece of newsworthy and education-oriented information about your company, brand, product, or services and sending it to different world-class news outlets, journalists, influencers, and editors for higher coverage. 

Press Release has many advantages to offer you. Sending out multiple press releases will award you many backlinks which will contribute to the increase in visibility across search engines. However, an alternative way for that is to include the target keyword in the headline and content of your press release, thus making it easier for online searchers to access you.

Press Releases help you not only to publicize your company but also manage your reputation as well. It is evident that not you won’t get the best reviews all the time as sometimes receiving a bad review from a customer may also be possible if he/she is unsatisfied or noticed any flaws in your service. Therefore, there are chances that your reputation may begin to crumble, resulting in a loss of sales. So what you can do is include only the information which displays positivity about your company. This way you can easily control public opinion.

The distribution service you hired also matters a lot. Global News Distribution is a leading and effective press release writing and distribution company that is best known for providing global reach across world-class news outlets such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, Street Insider, Business Insider, USA Today, and Bloomberg, etc. The pricing of this company is comparatively low, starting from $49. If you want to enjoy the benefits of press release distribution, then Global News Distribution is the best choice. 


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